An initiative birthed in prayer to target & reach…


unreached people groups with the gospels in

5 years

through partnerships & people group adoptions.

Partners since day one

Since the beginning days of AIMS in 1985 in Virginia Beach, Dennis Jones has been an advocate, partner, and brother. His prayerful and scriptural approach to the Great Commission has resulted in a powerful Kingdom vision for Harvest that can only come from the Throne of God. Dennis is an innovator, teacher, mentor, and Kingdom encourager. AIMS founder, Dr. Howard Foltz has emphasized to me on countless occasions what a vital partner for AIMS, and for the Body of Christ Dennis is. He has a true vision to complete the Great Commission, and has not only lived a life of Godly success, but one of extreme Kingdom Significance. I thank God for Dennis and Cookie. Their friendship and partnership are a foundational pillar for what is happening today in AIMS.


An Unreached People Group adoption is a commitment to pray for, financially support, and participate in the action of sending missionaries to plant churches and make disciples among an unreached group, until that group has a sustaining, self-propagating church in their midst.

$3500 per year is necessary to accomplish the following:

Dispatches an in-country (indigenous) Missionary for 1 year to evangelize and plant churches among your target UPG.

Provides resources such as Bibles, transportation, and digital tools to aid the missionary in their work.

Humanitarian Support (Clean water, Medical aid, Sustainable Agriculture, Micro-Business as Missions) AIMS continues to train and develop both the Missionary and Coordinator for greater effectiveness.

Connection to your adopted UPG through up-to-date progress reports from the coordinator and missionary.

Adopt a UPG