Our Goal

Our Goal is to develop strategic 
partnerships so that the Great Commission of Jesus Christ will impact the entire world.

What We Do

Facilitate Mission Projects

Project Partners

We invite you to help us complete targeted projects around the world. From Church planting initiatives to humanitarian aide we advance the gospel through these life changing projects.

Work in Strategic Alliance

Harvest Partners

Global Harvest works with other agencies to help fulfill the Great Commission. We believe in Strategic Alliances and help support global projects through partnerships.

Global Harvest Partners Alliance

Global Harvest recognizes that no one can fulfill the Great Commission alone. Instead of competing in the harvest we want to complete the harvest through strategic alliances. Our mission is to work in alliance with other highly credible Ministries

How You can make a difference

You can help complete the Great Commission with these 2 opportunities

Become a Harvest Project contributor

Become a Global Harvest monthly partner

Monthly support checks mailed to:

Global Harvest/ Bill Breon
812 Nicholson Ct
Chesapeake Va 23320